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Finding good healthy food can be hard or far away from your community, so we decided to grow are own starting with a small garden and a couple of chickens. Now we have enough experience to use are skills to provide other families the opportunity to feed there family good food and knowledge. 



  We are a small Air Force veteran owned farm located in Williamstown, New Jersey! Our passions are quality, sustainability, community and education. Our products are grown with standards the best reflect their natural behavior.  We raise our pigs and chickens in a happy healthy environment! They are rotated on grass and woodlot areas. A large number of root and vegetable crops are grow seasonally. We never use harsh chemicals on plants or animals! They are raised in an organic, sustainable way, that reflects our belief that GOD gave us food to heal our bodies and to heal the land. 

  As a consumer I felt trapped in a cookie cutter world of veggies and meat. There was nothing unique or different at the supermarket. Food came from countries far and quality was low and lacked nutrient dense and filled with minerals. I was raised in a home where the majority of the food came from a grocery store. As the grocery  bill got higher and nutrients got lower we started looked into raising and growing our own food. Years of visiting other farms and seminars across the United States we are now able to provide the best food possible and teach other how to save money and eat better! We are committed to that and the standards below!

  • No Antibiotics or Hormones

  • Our feed is 100% GMO-free

  • Pasture Raised

  • USDA Inspection on all red Meats

  • 100 % Open door policy 

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