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 Smith Poultry is a small farm located in Williamstown, NJ.  Our philosophy  is 








GROW- We feel that life is a constant growth cycle and just as we give are plants and animals the proper care and nutrients to grow we should also give are body, mind and are children the same.



TEACH- Teaching and passing on knowledge is a big part of farming, knowledge is the key to unlocking those skills that help us move are community forward.



SUSTAIN- Sustainability is what will keep are planted healthy, are business open. we strive to put every decision threw a rigorous test of sustainment so that its not just good today but for a lifetime. 




For the past three years we have had a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to allow the community to get fresh eggs, chickens and produce at a lower price in boxes during the months of June through September. You can also order your family's thanksgiving turkeys or Easter ham threw the farm. 





Now more products are available all year long so families can fill their freezer once or twice a year with meats and vegetables, or stop over at the farm and pick them up. We are committed and working towards having and consistently providing the best quality meats and produce locally.


"I love the fresh eggs. yellow yokes give my potato salad the greatest yellow color and the freshest taste ”

T. Wakes BBQ, Egg Harbor Twp NJ

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"The turkey from your farm was bomb.

Oh yeah and the sweet potatoes were great too. I had yours and store bought and made two batches of sweet potato pie, the exact recipe but the ones from your farm was better than the store bought ones"

Lopez family, Atlantic county NJ

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